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Sabre Day Promotes Student Wellness

Written by Jody Rice, Family School Liaison Counsellor, Livingstone School

September 14, 2023 was the first Sabre Day of the year for Livingstone School. Sabre Days provide students with experiential learning opportunities that they would not have in their normal school day.  Taking place in beautiful Waterton, staff and students had the opportunity to explore many areas of Waterton and experience many different activities. Horseback riding, hiking, fishing, golfing, boat tours, paddle boating, and mountain biking were all part of making Sabre Day a great experience.

Having students from all grade levels take part in these activities together helps students demonstrate leadership skills and care and compassion for others. Being in nature and allowing for opportunities to try new things is so important for student health and well-being. Through this program, we are able to create space for students to gain new perspectives, face and conquer challenges, collaborate, problem-solve and have fun. Sabre Days is a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, and share experiences as a whole school. This program focuses on our students' wellness and has helped promote and secure our school spirit and overall culture.

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