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Try It - Career Exploration

Granum Fire Academy

Who can apply

  • Grade 11 or 12 LRSD students who are interested in Emergency services
  • Students need to have or are enrolled in
    • English 20-1 or -2 (possibly 10-1)
    • Math 20-1 or -2
    • 1 20 level science

What will you learn 

  • Some of the Credit courses are:
    • CCS 1080 community Volunteerism
    • REC 2040 Foundations of Training 2
    • REC 3040 Training and Conditioning
    • HCS 1080 Cardiovascular system
    • HCS 3030 First Responder 2
    • HSS 1910 HSS Project A
    • Fire Service 15 (3 credit)

Where will you learn 

  • Students will learn and practice at the Granum Fire Hall and Granum School
  • Students must be able to be in Granum on Friday afternoons


  • $100 per student

For more details, please check your school email account

Alberta Health Services Virtual Career Exploration Week

We are excited to present the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Virtual Career Exploration Week.

This free event is for high school students who are interested in learning more about the career options at Alberta Health Services and what it takes to get there.

This Virtual Career Exploration Week is a online experience from 9:00am till 3:30pm taking place on July 20 - 22, 2021.

In these 3 days you will get exposure to over 40 diverse careers!!

Register Here

Ag Data Science Camp


August 8 - 13, 2021
Olds College

The Ag Data Science Camp is an exciting free summer camp being offered for the first time to high school students during the week of August 8 to 13, 2021 on the Olds College campus.

Ag Data Science Camp

Geared towards students interested in pursuing a career in data science or agricultural technology, the Ag Data Science Camp will provide them with experience-driven learning opportunities to develop an interest, as well as confidence, in working with ag data. Guided by instructors from the Agriculture Technology programs offered at Olds College, students will have the opportunity to gain insight on how to leverage the latest technology to enhance food production and increase productivity. 

Over the five days, students will reside in on-campus housing while participating in a series of workshops, exercises and tutorials that are aimed to build familiarity and hands-on competence with the approaches, tools, and analytical techniques relevant to harnessing the power of data on critical issues related to food and agriculture. 

*Due to the ongoing pandemic, students and staff may require a negative Covid test or proof of vaccination, and the camp may operate under a social distancing protocol.

AgSmart Exposition and Demonstration 2021

Apply for the Ag Data Science Camp

Who is this camp for?

The Ag Data Science Camp is suited for any student interested in technology, agriculture agronomy, agriculture machinery management, or the data sciences. With only 20 spots available, space is limited. Students interested in applying for the summer camp should be on-track to achieve:

  • 50% or better in English Language Arts 30-1 or 30-2
  • 55% or better in Math 20-1 or 20-2
  • 50% or better in Two of Biology 20, Chemistry 20, Physics 20 or Science 20, OR one of Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30 or Science 30