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How many credits do I have? When will I meet graduation requirements? What was my Diploma exam mark?

Check high school marks, credits and transcripts with your Alberta myPass Account!


myPass is an Alberta Education service that allows high school students to have direct access to their educational information including: high school courses and marks, diploma exam marks, high school credits earned, Detailed Academic Report (regardless of school attended) and the ability to order transcripts to be sent outside of the province of Alberta.

Livingstone School encourages all Grade 10-12 students to sign up for myPass. The school office and our Career Practitioner can help you with set-up! The FIRST STEP is to provide the School Office with your personal (not your LRSD) Email Address. Then go to myPass.alberta.ca. Set up an Education Account using your personal (not your LRSD) email address. Enter your Alberta Student Number (shown on all Alberta Education correspondence or available from your school) and date of birth. For more information on myPass, visit Alberta Education's myPass resource page, or enquire with your school office:




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