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Newsletter Sept 10

Welcome back to all new and returning students and staff!

A Newsletter will continue to be published weekly to keep everyone informed about the great things happening at Livingstone School!

As we are trying to limit paper contact this year, please notify the school if your child has any existing or new medical concerns that we should note.  We also appreciate updates on any demographic information such as a change in address or phone number.  We feel communication between home and school is very important, so please do not hesitate to call the Office with any questions or concerns at 403-628-3897.



Regular attendance is important to the success of our students! Please contact the Office if your child will be absent by calling or email s-livingstone@lrsd.ab.ca.  Students are asked to sign out at the Office if they are leaving school early.  As the front doors are now locked during the day, we ask that parents/guardians phone in to the Office prior to pick up.  This will help us have them ready!

Arrival and dismissal times have been streamlined to make it easier for everyone!  Arrival time for buses, student driven and town is 8:30 a.m. and dismissal is 3:30 p.m.

Junior High students who do not reside in town are required to have a parent or guardian sign and return a "Downtown Privilege" form in order for the student to leave school property during the lunch break.  Please call the Office if you would like a form emailed to you!

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